Mayans MC epiosde 5 review: Emily, EZ reconvene, but has she flipped?

Mayans MC episode 2Mayans MC episode 5 certainly did its part to complicate the picture, at least when it comes to building up the relationships that exist. That’s especially the case when it comes to EZ and Emily.

We already know that EZ has been called on to try and get Emily to flip. Yet, at the same time she also seemed ready to do so for most of the episode after the attack last week. He visited her at the hospital, and later, she visited him and question who she really is anymore. She blamed herself for the actions that led to her son’s capture and lamented that it may be rather difficult for her now to figure out a way in which to get herself out of the situation.

Ultimately, at least for this week, she did not given that after their little meeting was broken up, eventually she and Miguel Galindo reconvened, he tried to control her, and then in the end they had a pretty horrific display of sex after getting into a physical altercation.

So does the Galindo – Emily hookup mean that everything is lost when it comes to her and EZ? We don’t foresee things that way. This is just another stop on the road here since the picture around the border was not made any clearer over the course of this episode. We’re just starting to see more of where everyone stands. For Felipe, for example, this mean explaining his true name (Ignacio Cortina) and his past within the world of the Federales to the DEA. This was a big step in him doing what he can to protect those close to him.

Meanwhile, Angel’s own alliance with the rebels is not anywhere near as clear as he’s making it out to be to EZ — let’s just say that this dude needs to take a little bit more of his own advice.

CarterMatt Verdict

Is Mayans MC best when it scales down? We do actually think that this is the case. Tuesday night’s new episode suffered in some ways from being a little bit too long for its own good, as the first episode of the show ended up lasting for a whopping 64 or so minutes without including commercials. We think it can benefit from some editing at times, and from reducing itself down to some of the core elements — the battle between the Mayans, the Cartel, the rebels, and law enforcement as everyone jostles for some sort of control and freedom.

Five episodes in, and we’re not sure we are any closer to answers than when we started. Nonetheless, we do still consider all of this to be very much entertaining.

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