Ink Master season 11 episode 7 preview: Is Team Christian in trouble?

Ink Master season 11 episode 5Next week Ink Master season 11 episode 7 is coming up on the Paramount Network and in it, there could be a little more conflict within Team Christian than we’ve seen as of late!

If there is one thing that we’d say was a calling hard for tonight’s installment, it was that Christian and his group were great at working together while Team Cleen struggled to contain all of their egos. That eventually led to them losing the tag-team challenge and Stacy Smith going home.

Yet, the preview for next week’s installment showed some of Christian’s artists going back and forth with him, and also some of them breaking down to the point where they required at least a little bit of encouragement. If they can get past all of this, though, we do think that there’s a good chance that they will still be dominant on the other side. We feel fairly convinced that Christian has the stronger team right now, though you could easily argue that Cleen may have at least a couple of the strongest artists. With the way Ink Master is set up this season (with it being team challenges) being able to work together is going to make or break your team – and in some ways it won’t matter how strong your artists are in some of the challenges. Team work matters here.

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If there is one person who feels like they are on borrowed time right now, it has to be Austin Rose. This is someone who struggled the mightiest over the course of tonight’s episode, and has for many weeks. He has been able to survive so far, but there is still a sentiment that suggests that we could be seeing his el;elimination from the series sooner rather than later. If he finds a way to actually make it a few more weeks, it’s certainly possible he becomes the biggest underdog story in the history of this program; we’re just not sure he makes it that far based on some of the close calls we’ve seen.

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