Ink Master season 11 episode 6 review: Did Austin Rose or Stacy Smith stick around?

Ink Master - Team CleenTonight, Ink Master season 11 episode 6 gave us something that we always love to see: A face-off between two artists. One of them survived, and the other one went home.

What was so interesting about this particular battle was that it featured two artists in Stacy Smith and Austin Rose who have been on the bottom of the competition for a while. They also have very different edits on the show. Austin is the guy who argues a lot and is super-aggressive, while Stacy is a little more quiet and also jokes around about wanting to sit on the sidelines as a water girl or be carried by her team in the middle of a challenge.

We could’ve made a case for either person to go home. From a distance, we actually thought that Stacy had the better bio-mechanical skull of the two — the design was more interesting and the textural / color choices were nice. That changed slightly when you took a closer look and realized that there are some consistency issues, including the teeth being almost perfect when nothing else was. We probably still preferred Stacy’s design slightly, but it wasn’t a surprise to see her go home over Austin. We don’t think it really matters if he had a lot of help or not, mostly because sometimes, having a ton of people shouting various ideas at you can be a hindrance more so than a help when you are trying to concentrate on your own vision and the task at hand. Too many cooks in the kitchen usually ends up with burnt food.

The main reason we even got to an Austin vs. Stacy scenario is because of Team Cleen failing to beat Team Christian in the tag-team challenge earlier in the day. This showed where the real strength of Team Christian is in that they do work well together, and beyond just that they are able to blend their styles together. It is true that they probably took on a slightly less-ambitious design, but working smart is critical for a show like this, especially in team challenges and their tattoo was so cool that it was something that we would wear ourselves. Really, our favorite part of tonight was watching Team Christian try to manipulate Cleen into putting up two stronger players to take part in the face-off, hoping that they could get rid of a larger threat rather than Austin or Stacy.

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CarterMatt Verdict

There is no drama in losing Stacy here, mostly because both she and Austin feel like people who are going to be eliminated in the early going. Still, if we are losing one of them, at least it’s nice that it is happening in a challenge with this sort of intensity behind it.

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