Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9 review: Is Jimmy McGill really back?

Better Call Saul season 4Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9 offered up a grand reminder about Jimmy McGill: He doesn’t change his stripes. He is who he is, both for better and for worse. For most of this season, though, he thought that the person who he was would end up being good enough.

Entering this episode, it was certainly our assumption that Jimmy was going to get his job back, mostly because that was the thing that made the most sense. He fulfilled his responsibilities, made her he did everything that he could in order to earn the committee’s respect, and seemed to do fairly well for most of the hearing.

So what seemed to be the biggest issue in him not getting his license? Think in terms of a lack of sincerity, of something brought on by him wanting to “give credit where credit was due” and talking about the University of American Samoa. We don’t think that Jimmy ever wants to admit that he gets inspiration from other people, especially someone like Chuck who was so close to him for a large period of his life … both for good and bad reasons. Chuck haunts this man, even after the grave.

Now, because of Jimmy’s actions, he also has to worry about losing Kim for good since he lashed out at her after he was denied. He’s one of the most self-destructive people around and this proves it.

What happened with Nacho and Gus Fring?

As of right now, the two are walking a tenuous line with Lalo, and trying to unite the Salamancas and Gus in order to take down a common enemy. These are characters who are basically trying to stay afloat and hold on to power. Yet, sooner or later, things are going to break and we have to prepare for that.

Mike’s mistake

Also, what we got a good sense of tonight is that Mike, despite what we may think about him, is not a perfect crime-stopping machine. He does make errors, and he certainly made one tonight via the trust that he had in Werner. Right when he had his superlab project all sorted out, now there is a metaphorical fly in the ointment and something that he is going to have to take care of moving into the finale.

CarterMatt Verdict

Our sentiment here overall is that Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9 was a detonation of Jimmy’s life. All of a sudden, this character cannot be the best version of himself anymore. Perhaps the saddest moment of the whole night was seeing Kim write out “again” on his cup, only for us to already know his true fate.

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