Big Brother 20 interview: Allison Grodner on finale, Celebrtiy Big Brother 2 plans

Big brother 20
We are just about at the end of our Big Brother 20 coverage for the year but before we kick off a hiatus for a while, we have one final interview with executive producer Allison Grodner to share!

In this interview, Grodner talks about the season as a whole and also what she learned from this particular batch of houseguests — we do think that it’s rather interesting to get these sort of reflections at the end of the season. For those of you who are excited already for Celebrity Big Brother 2 premiering this winter, she also discusses here some of the early planning that is going on behind the scenes for that.

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CarterMatt- There hasn’t been too much time to reflect at the moment, but how are you feeling about the season overall? I’ve gotten pretty positive feedback most of the year and it feels like you got a great final two out of it.  

Allison Grodner – I think it was a terrific season.  We are all very happy with the way BB20 played out over all and with the cast.  Every single one of the final three could make a valid argument for why they should win. The cast really came in to play Big Brother and to win it and not just to be on the jury. There were blindsides almost weekly and very few unanimous house votes until the end.  The feedback has been good from the viewers and the show was a success in the ratings. Looking forward to diving in to Celebrity Big Brother after a couple of days off :).

Is there anything that you or the other producers learned from this season that you want to carry into season 21? (I haven’t heard of an official renewal just yet, but I’m going to take casting as a hopeful sign.) 

We learn from every season.  It was interesting to see how many of the Houseguests used the goodbye messages as strategy this summer and that will probably affect how we handle the viewing of these messages going forward. There is not enough time in the live show to play everyone’s message but the Houseguests get to see all of them in the jury. We will probably allow more time in the jury packages to show this happen and get more from their reaction.

Finally, what stage of planning are you in for Celebrity Big Brother 2 at this point? Are casting possibilities being explored, and are you looking at running the season for about the same length of time?

We have been working on Celebrity BB2 simultaneously and we have been actively casting.  Everyone is very excited to dive into this full time now that the summer is over.  We anticipate a length similar to the first cycle and are looking forward to another successful season with a brand new group of celebs.

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