Blue Bloods season 9 episode 1 video: Jamie, Frank butt heads

Blue Bloods season 9

What’s the difference between a literal rule and an unwritten rule? That’s a subject at the heart of Blue Bloods season 9 episode 1.

As the new sneak peek reveals, Jamie and Frank are at odds when it comes to whether or not he can continue to work alongside his fiancee Eddie on the force, especially since he hasn’t actually told his Commanding Officer about it. This is a fairly-clear sign that Jamie knows what he is doing in his personal life won’t be approved of, even if he knows that there is technically no rule against it. Hence, us talking unwritten rules here.

To be clear, Jamie is putting Frank in a tough position. We don’t think of this situation as him wanting to ruin Jamie and Eddie’s relationship; he’s just aware of the fact that there are very few COs out there who would be happy with the idea of an engaged couple working together. It can compromise decisions out in the field, and there is another point that Frank makes here that we honestly hadn’t thought about all that much. What if Jamie and Eddie get married, have kids, and they’re both killed in the line of duty together? What happens to their kids then? We do think on some level he wants to look out for them, and he also knows that if he overlooks something the commissioner’s son does, all of the attention comes back on him. It’s a difficult position.

Yet, we also get Jamie’s perspective here given that he and Eddie have worked together for a rather-long time and beyond that, they have shown a great ability to actually work together effectively in the field. Don’t you want to be able to continue to emphasize that? They may be far stronger together than they ever are apart, and if they’re willing to take the risk, is it really helpful for Frank to stop them?

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