Amazon’s Homecoming episode 4 review: How much trouble is Colin in?

If you thought the Homecoming mystery was only about the military guys in the facility then the last episode may have changed your mind as it revealed that Heidi is part of this mystery too. She can’t remember going to Tampa to be a counselor for the program, but any other memory is gone – even her memory of her boss Colin who called her a million times a day.

Who is Colin?

After her conversation with her ex-boyfriend she decides to face the long gaps in her memory during her time at Homecoming. When she gets back to her mother’s house she starts looking through her belongings and learns that she was hospitalized. She also finds a map for California (one that she got fro Walter outlining a road trip he was planning)and her old cell phone that has a million old calls from Colin on it who she doesn’t remember at all. Is she blocking out this memory or has something else happened?

Everyone is questioning Homecoming

With Shrier removed from the Homecoming facility, Walter is really rattled, especially after watching them throw out all of his stuff. Heidi assures him that Shrier has just been sent home with his family and that his stuff would be sent to him, but when she goes into the storage room she sees his stuff in a garbage bag.

Walter was completely buying into the whole Homecoming process after his road trip, but with Shrier being removed he’s starting to falter again and we see that even more when he’s video chatting with his mom with how cagey he’s being. She’s also feeding into that insecurity about how weird the situation is, that they can’t have cell phones, how secretive he is and that he won’t really answer if their conversations are being listened too. What’s interesting is that around the same time Walter is questioning the process… so is Heidi.

Is Homecoming still around?

Now that Carrasco has found some strange information about Heidi being hospitalized the same day that Walter was discharged from the Homecoming facility, he decides to head to Geist (the main corporation that the Homecoming program was under) to talk to someone. Did anyone else get a chill down their spine when the receptionist rang for Colin?

When Colin comes out to talk to Carrasco, he tells him that Homecoming is no longer operational, that he really doesn’t know much about it, he’s never been to Tampa and he doesn’t know Heidi – in other words he feeds Carrasco a lot of lies. Colin tries to railroad Carrasco out of the building suggesting that he’s reached a dead end, but Carrasco says that he’ll just have to go and speak to the contemporaries from the facility directly to find out if Walter’s discharge date was connected to Heidi being hospitalized.

Shortly after meeting with Carrasco, Heidi decides to call Colin to see if he can help shed some light on how they know each other – or anything really, but when she calls he hangs up on her immediately. Colin’s world is starting to unravel and with both Heidi and Carrasco digging deeper into this situation, it seems to only be a matter of time before Colin’s secrets come out.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was a lot to like about this episode, whether it be seeing Colin scramble or the relationship with Heidi and Walter progress with a pretty intense hug. So far this is easily our favorite new show of the year and it’s not even close.

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