Ink Master interview: Jamie Lee Parker on elimination, show experience, and more

Jamie Lee Parker

There is a new episode of Ink Master airing on the Paramount Network Tuesday night, but before going into it, why not take a look at some of what the most-recently-eliminated contestant had to say? Jamie Lee Parker was the third contestant sent home by the judges (the fourth to leave the competition when you include Oba) after the selection of teams, and in many ways, his exit was a surprise. He had shown some great ability in the competition, and it still feels like his tattoo should not have led to his elimination.

For more from Jamie, take a look at the CarterMatt exit interview below.

CarterMatt – How different was the show from what you expected going into it?

The filming schedule and time constraints were way more intense than I expected. Waking up at 6 a.m. after finishing filming at 9 p.m. or later really threw me off a bit. Having 3 hours to design a tattoo at home wouldn’t normally be a problem for me, But there a lot of distractions and if you don’t keep your head down and focus, you’re in trouble.

What do you think caused your last tattoo to not work out as you planned?

It was two things, my unfamiliarity with the style choice and the time constraint. If I had a few more hours to design, I guarantee the anatomy issues wouldn’t be there. At the end of the day, my canvas has to live with this tattoo. I wanted to give him what he asked for. He wanted something big, so there was no way I was going to send him home with a tiny wrist band, even if it meant I would have an easier time designing [it].

Were you surprised overall by the judges’ decision?

Yes and no. I’m an experienced artist, I understand some of the issues the judges had. That being said, I like the tattoo and I don’t think it should have sent me home.

You admitted yourself that you were personality-wise very different from many other artists in there. Did you still develop good relationships with them?

Absolutely! But that doesn’t stop me from making friends from all walks of life. I’m happy to say each and every person involved in the show I consider a friend.

If you had some of the other canvases that were in there on the day, do you still think you’d be on the show?

Without a doubt.

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