Chicago PD season 6 premiere review: Remembering Alvin Olinsky

Chicago PD season 6There were many different forces at work throughout the Chicago PD season 6 premiere review, but reflecting on Alvin Olinsky was one that we were happy to see – he will never be forgotten.

This character was an important part of Intelligence and over the course of this episode, it was pretty clear just how beloved he really was. The episode concluded with a solemn, powerful memorial to the fallen officer, but what was all the more heartbreaking about it was that Voight was asked not to attend. He had to offer up his condolences from a distance, knowing that some of his actions in some ways did lead to what happened to Olinsky. He has to stomach all of that, along with the fact that he hasn’t been fully exonerated just yet.

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Instead, Voight spent most of the episode suspended while the rest of Intelligence, led by Antonio, had to deal with a case revolving around a dangerous, toxic drug that was spreading through the city. There was an enormous amount of conflict that erupted over the course of the episode, mostly in terms of how Ruzek reacted to his leadership. He didn’t like it, and that led to him trying to loop in Voight when he wasn’t supposed to. When Antonio caught wind, there were arguments and, in the end, there was also a physical fight. It was brief, but it was also intense and dramatic — one of the most visceral moments of Chicago PD in some time.

Eventually, Hank did find a way to get back onto the team thanks to Deputy Superintendent Katherine Brennan (Anne Heche) — someone who is deeply involved in the Mayoral race and moving up the ladder. She recognizes precisely who Voight is, but ultimately wants to try to use him if she possibly can. He’s getting his old gig back, but with a pretty important catch: they want him to pool his resources for cases that really benefit what the campaign is trying to push. Basically, Voight is looking towards having to be a corrupt cop, one who does what the higher-ups want him to with a very specific agenda in mind. He’s bent the rules before (really he’s ignored them completely and has broken the law), but not exactly like this.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Do we want more personal insight on Ruzek, Burgess, Jay, and Hailey? Sure, but we also loved the Chicago PD season 6 premiere as a whole. This was an intense, dramatic look at grief, corruption, and also what happens when everyone think they know best. This was as worthy a follow-up to Olinsky’s death as you are going to find outside of bringing him back from the dead, and the Voight story sets the stage for some big stuff coming up down the line for him.

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