9-1-1 season 2 episode 3 review: Aisha Hinds shines as Henrietta grabs our hearts

9-1-1 season 2

While the first episode of 9-1-1 season 2 excited and delighted us with a beautiful balance of crazy emergencies and personal stories, the second episode was all about the huge earthquake that hit and no real personal stories at all. It was still fun to watch, but a bit of the magic was lost that makes this show stand out for us. We were left with another big cliffhanger as the aftershock from the initial earthquake caused a few lives to be lost and other people were left hanging in the balance – quite literally in some cases as a woman was dangling from a window and Henrietta is in trouble.

Henrietta’s rescue

The biggest question everyone was probably asking after last week was about Henrietta and her fate. Is she dead? No way is an earthquake going to take out our Henrietta! She’s stuck in a hole, but the team knows she’s missing so they are looking for a way to get to her. She doesn’t know that anyone is looking for her and she’s scared that she’s never going to see her wife and child again, so she leaves her the most heartbreaking message that reminds us once again of just what a beautiful actor Aisha Hinds is.

While Henrietta’s down in the hole she finds another fire fighter (who came in on his day off) pinned under some debris, but she’s unable to save him and the show has continued doing what they do best with these emergencies – having some real skin in the game with people dying. Good people, bad people, doesn’t matter, with this show you never know who’s going to make it out of their emergency alive and it’s so nice to have a crime show where we really don’t know what’s going to happen.

So was she rescued? The team came together and got her out safely. Not only that but she rescued a missing little girl in the process cause Henrietta is a total bad ass like that.

Maddie the hero

We haven’t had a chance to see Maddie at work at the 911 call center yet, but tonight’s episode finally gave us Maddie working the phones. The first big call we had a chance to see her take gave her an opportunity to use her nursing skills as a woman was in active labor when she was hit in the head. With the woman being unconscious, Maddie directs the husband to the nearest firefighter to help and it’s the first big win she has. Although she’s feeling good that she’s able to help people, she’s really worried about Buck, but after getting word that he’s safe she’s able to dive back into work.

Michael helps

Michael and the kids are really worried about Athena, so they get their earthquake kits together, pile into the car and then tells them that they are going looking for her. Michael brings them to their local church to help out with people that were effected by the earthquake realizing that his kids need to find a way to be involved instead of just sitting at home worried. It works and they find a way to take their mind off of their mom while giving back and keeping busy until eventually they are all reunited.

Once they are reunited, Bobby stops by Athena’s house to give just connect with her a moment, but Michael’s not having it – he insists that Bobby come in, have dinner with them and meet the kids! Things are really moving forward with them and we couldn’t be happier since we are firmly sailing on this ship!

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CarterMatt Verdict

We know that we still haven’t had enough time to get to know the Maddie character yet and that’s probably why we miss Abby as much as we do. 3 episodes in and we still haven’t connected with her the way we immediately connected with Abby. We really want to, so we are hoping that with the earthquake story starting to wrap up we can start to get more invested in her and really get to know her outside of her abusive husband story. Over all, tonight’s episode brought us some really amazing stories, but for us it was Aisha Hinds’ performance that really stole the show.

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