The Resident season 2 premiere review: Who hacked the hospital?

The Resident season 2Going into The Resident season 2 premiere, we knew that the hospital was going to be in a state of disarray. After all, there was a blackout that caused some of the patients to be stripped of much of what they needed to stay alive! What this meant was that many of the doctors and nurses were left scrambling over the course of the episode, wondering if there was anything that they could do to save them.

What we learned along the way here was that not all was as it seemed when it came to the blackout. Despite what many people understandably believed, this was not the direct result of the storms happening outside. Instead, it was the cause of a hack from within. A young patient, frustrated with how Chastain had ruined her family’s financial future, decided to break into the system and corrupt their billing department. However, what she actually ended up doing was destroying their entire infrastructure. She caused chaos just because she wanted to channel her own frustration at the establishment. Her motivation made sense, but so did the idea of punishing her.

We don’t think Conrad and Nic were trying to let her off the cook when they talked to Dr. Bell about leniency after the fact, but they did recognize that this was far from your ordinary situation. With that, we don’t think that they were altogether interested in seeing terrible things happen to her that were beyond the pale.

Dr. Bell, in general, was on a warpath — which really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at all. He is upset about Conrad’s father being in control of the hospital and, beyond that, about the negotiations when it came to punishing the hacker and the tech department at large. He fired people tonight, he puffed out his chest, and he did what Dr. Bell does … though we’re not altogether sure that it really got him anywhere at all by the end of the episode. How did he actually end up feeling better all of this? Well, we’re not altogether sure that he did.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, The Resident season 2 premiere showed us that Conrad and Nic’s relationship is still smooth sailing, but that there could be some bumps in the road for Nic. We also learned that there’s a secret shower in the hospital, that Conrad still has no problem screwing with Devon here and there, and that AJ’s ego hasn’t changed over the hiatus. As a whole, this was a solid premiere, but we don’t think that it necessarily did anything to create new buzz for the show that wasn’t there previously.

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