Amazon’s Homecoming episode 2 review: Suspicions arise, Shrier takes action

Homecoming season 1

The premiere of Homecoming set up the show perfectly for viewers. We know that there is a facility called Homecoming that is supposed to help young military men reintegrate into society after their time of service, but there is something way more sinister going on behind the scenes. We are only into the second episode, so we don’t know all the details yet, but so far this mystery is unraveling at a really nice pace.

What’s really going on at this facility is still quite murky, but Walter doesn’t seem to really be questioning any of it. In his first two weeks he’s been seeing Heidi for their sessions (and growing a nice bond), getting his regular check ups with the doctor and taking whatever medication he’s getting without question. One of his friends however (Shrier) is a bit more skeptical of some of this and has not taking his medication.

Not only that but Shrier thinks there are some other sketchy things going on too, like the fact that they get pineapple every day like they are trying to make them believe they are in Florida, but when they think back to how they got there neither of them really can remember if that’s actually where they are. When they came to this facility, they landed in a military base and then was driven right there and although Walter saw palm trees on the road, Shrier reminds him that there are also palm trees in a number of other places. He is convinced that something darker is going on and even though he can’t place exactly what it is he knows in his gut that they are being lied to about everything.

After getting up on a table and starting to loudly proclaim his theories, the head of this project (Colin) gets Heidi to shut Shrier down fast thinking that this could contaminate the whole “project”. What exactly are they working on with these men? Once Shrier is locked in his room for the night his fears start to become more of a reality.

The claims officer may have gotten no where with Heidi, but he’s still looking into Walter’s case and a deeper look into his file tells us more, but how much of it is true? It revealed that he was discharged from Homecoming for misconduct/violence, but we’ve seen very little of that from him in this show. In fact when another soldier went off the rails and punched Walter, he did punch back, but felt really weird about it afterwards since this is not how he normally acts.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This episode really didn’t hold anything back when it came to pushing this mystery forward. While some people in the facility are just believing what they are told we have someone that is ready to pull back the curtain and find out the truth. Is Shier going to get to that truth or does Homecoming have too many safe guards in place? More so what we are really wondering about is who is perusing this anonymous claim against the company on Walter’s behalf that they were keeping him there against his will? Is it Heidi and is that why she had to leave the company? Feels like it could be, but it’s still a little early in the game to know for sure.

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