The Last Ship season 5 episode 3 review: Is Gustavo coming for Chandler?

Last Ship season 5 episode 1Tonight’s The Last Ship season 5 episode 3 was entitled “The Bridge,” and our initial assumption was that this was some sort of metaphorical reference to countries improving relationships with one another.

However, we were a little bit off about that — in the end, this episode was actually more about watching a bridge actually blow up in the pivotal moment. Also, it was about Tom Chandler getting back on board the Nathan James and preparing for battle against Gustavo and his people like never before.

From a military standpoint, Chandler did succeed in part of this episode; however, he also had some victories tonight from a diplomatic standpoint. He was able to get Mexico and Cuba on board the cause and because of that, he’s more confident that America is actually going to win. If you were to pause this episode a few minutes from the end, you would actually think that this entire episode marked a victory for Chandler plus some of the people on the ground, at least to a certain degree.

Yet, we do think that some of this celebrating was ultimately short-lived. We saw that in some of the conversations near the end of the episode. The President has some major concerns when it comes to chandler’s effectiveness out in the field — though that may just be in part because he views him as a threat to his own power. Then, there is also Gustavo himself — he heard Chandler’s speech that was largely disrespectful to him. That’s the sort of thing that inevitably is going to make him want to act back out. We don’t exactly think that he is the sort of man who is going to give up easily — he also could turn irrational over time and start doing things that are not even good for his own people.

Judging from the end of the episode, it seems as though Gustavo is going to be strongly influenced to go after Chandler outright. He’s being convinced that he is the primary enemy and with that, he is the person he needs to take out. He is the danger and the primary threat and with that, we will see where the remainder of this story goes in the end.

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, The Last Ship showed us a good reminder of Tom Chandler’s success rate out in the field, but also a little bit of the jealousy that can come along with that. We got a sense in this episode that the threats are only going to escalate, and Chandler may not see all of them coming — even if things went well for him tonight.

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