The Good Cop season 1 finale review: Did Tony get justice for Connie?

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The finale for The Good Cop season 1 reminded us of one thing more so than any other — we really do think that the first first should have been thirteen episodes instead of ten. This was a very good episode and a very strong way creatively to wrap up the story of the first season. Yet, at the same time it does leave us wanting so much more and we’re probably not going to get it anywhere near as fast as we would like.

Let’s start here by breaking down the big cliffhanger-of-sorts at the end of the finale, and that is that the case around Connie is so much more complicated than Tony first thought. It also looks to be very complicated and there could be more about her than what Sr. really knows. This is reminiscent in some way of the Trudy Monk story from Andy Breckman’s former show in Monk, where it turned out that there was a pretty-wide conspiracy behind her death that was not something Adrian ever knew about.

Basically, someone was following Connie closely, and there was a lot of money involved. He has questions, but he’s going to be waiting for a while in order to get answers.

As for what else we saw within this episode, TJ and Cora spent much of it undercover as a married couple in order to figure out who killed an elderly woman there who was chopped in half by an elevator shaft. We’ve seen the trope of will-they-or-won’t-they characters forced undercover as a couple many times already, but admittedly, it almost always works and we therefore understand why networks are so keen to constantly deliver on it. Why wouldn’t they want to given that it can deliver the sort of entertainment we saw here? TJ has a new nickname in Squeaky, they actually do work well together despite their dysfunction and bickering, and we certainly do believe that one counselor’s assessment that they are rather perfect together.

Also, we do think that TJ may be on some level intentionally giving Cora bad scores on her performance review so she can’t advance too far up the ladder and get away from him. He’s far too cowardly to admit to his feelings and because of that, this may be the only move that he has.

CarterMatt Verdict

Despite what the image above may indicate, The Good Cop season 1 finale didn’t actually feature too much of Tony and his son together. It was very entertaining from start to finish, but we also do wish that the entire cast got to work together a little bit more. Nonetheless this was a very satisfying first season, one that we’d want to watch many times over for the humor and the escapism it provides. It harkens back to a different time, one that Monk fans are very much familiar with.

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