The Good Cop episode 7 review: The tale of TJ and Maci

The Good Cop episode 7Just when you think that TJ had something going for him on The Good Cop episode 7, he was quick to learn that the rug can get pulled out from under you.

Over the course of episode 7, the character found himself in what was a terrible position. First, it came after he decided to defend Maci, a woman he had taken an interest in while at a police retreat at a ski lodge. She had run into her ex there, who she just so happened to stab while on a lift. Everyone was set on arresting her and eventually she did, but he was desperate to prove her innocent — really to the point where he spent part of his time at a police lecture going on about how a suspected cop-killer was actually innocent. Not a good look in front of some of the cops.

Yet, TJ is relentless with what he does, which is why as the story went on, he ended up piecing together a number of clues that Maci was actually innocent — something that, as it turns out, she was counting on from either him or someone like him. When her name was cleared, she had a chance to get away from the crime she actually committed — and, as a reward for its efforts, she wouldn’t do anything to TJ in the process. She’d let him think that he was a white knight when instead, he was actually enabling a murderer.

Unfortunately, what Maci didn’t realize is that she made a mistake along the way that caused TJ to learn the truth at the least opportune moment — right before she was going to get away after the case was over and they were back home. This led to the most amusing sequence of the episode, a struggle that led to him handcuffing her … right when Tony Sr. was walking in the door. This, plus TJ yelling “she’s the one,” gave him a very different interpretation of events. We’re assuming still that Maci is off in prison somewhere — after all, she not only murdered her ex, but also another cop who she set up as the killer who later committed suicide. This was all rather dark, and yet this show still had plenty of lightness to it in this episode.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Good Cop winning streak continues with this episode, which was light, funny, and memorable even though we’re not sure the show really went anywhere over the course of it. The chain of events around the murders were a tad hard to follow, but the ending more than made up for them. The one thing we do think this show is missing, though, is something greater that either Tony or TJ are striving for. Take, for example, on Monk, where there was still the larger mystery of Trudy floating around out there.

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