Elementary season 7: How much time will be in London?

Elementary season 6Will Elementary season 7 really spend a good bit of its time in London following the recent finale twist? At the moment, it definitely feels like the story’s been set up for that very thing.

Just remember here the way in which the sixth season wrapped up — there isn’t a clear path for Sherlock to return to America after he took the fall for killing Michael. If he was to return and get his freedom, it feels like it would mean he would have to throw Hannah Gregson under the bus. It’s hard to really come up with a reason in which he would possibly do that, and because of this, the series could continue to present an old-school twist to the Sherlock Holmes story where he and Joan are operating out of Baker Street. We’re not sure that he will be in the UK forever, but we are excited about him being there for at least a little bit.

Speaking via TVLine, executive producer Rob Doherty did confirm that they will be at least experimenting with Joan and Sherlock in this particular setting for a bit:

I don’t know if I can say much more than we will absolutely be in England as the seventh season begins. We had to commit. We chose to move Sherlock and Joan to London at the end of the season because we felt it was canonically appropriate, for lack of a better term. We really liked the idea of taking our Holmes and our Watson, and putting them where, really, a Holmes and a Watson belong — bring them home, so to speak — and let everyone imagine that there are additional adventures and mysteries ahead of them in a place where they really belong.

Are there still some other questions? Absolutely, especially given Doherty’s proclamation on Twitter that both Bell and Gregson will be back in some capacity. We have to figure out how that works, but in general, it feels like the show’s taking an exciting risk. Hopefully, that leads to an exciting story when the series returns in 2019.

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