Is Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill leaving Elementary after season 6 finale?

Elementary season 6 episode 18After watching the Elementary season 6 finale on CBS Monday night, it’s clear that a very different version of the show could lie ahead.

Basically, the easiest way to describe everything that happened is like this: After everything that happened with the Michael case, Sherlock and Watson now find themselves in London, living at the famous Baker Street residence and taking clients. Basically, all of a sudden we’re closer to the classic Sherlock Holmes novels than we’ve been at any other point in the series!

Will this twist last for season 7? That remains to be seen, but for now, there are many questions, including whether or not Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hill will still be a part of the cast moving forward. We know that Detective Bell was getting set to leave the NYPD in the first place, and while there may be ways to move over Gregson, it’s not quite clear if it will happen. Basically, Sherlock made the move to London to ensure that Gregson’s daughter Hannah would not end up taking the fall for killing Michael, which she did out of revenge for him murdering her friend earlier this season. She never intended for Joan to be a suspect, but this is the way that it went down and with that, most of the episode was about trying to clear Watson’s name. It wasn’t easy and there were, of course, questions as to the right way to handle things.

For Sherlock, he determined that it was better for him to take the fall and get himself banned from America rather than having Gregson endure losing his daughter — or have Joan take the fall herself. Joan then moved to London and with that, their partnership began anew.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do want to shout out the beautiful work from both Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu in this episode, as they were both outstanding as Joan’s fate hung in the balance. Sherlock’s monologue at the end also served as a wonderful reminder that platonic love can certainly exist in this world — you can say you love someone without it being romantic and it’s important they gave us that.

As for where season 7 goes from here (it has already been renewed), that does feel very wide open now and that’s exciting in its own way. It’s a chance to see the writers get really creative and figure out if they want to explore London more or eventually return back to season 6 — it feels inevitable like they will eventually (it’s where the series has filmed to date), but who knows for sure? London would give the show a new spark and appeal to traditional Holmes fans.

Update: Good news

Based on what Rob Doherty posted on Twitter, Gregson and Bell will be a part of next season — somehow.

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