Better Call Saul season 4 episode 8 video: Jimmy – Kim questions

Better Call Saul season 4Are you ready for Better Call Saul season 4 episode 8 to come on AMC Monday night? This episode is one of the final three for this season and it’s fairly easy to imagine that there’s going to be some serious drama. There has to be when you are entering the home stretch, given that there is a lot of drama that can unfold around just about any corner.

For some of these characters in particular, it’s also fairly easy to know what some of the drama now will revolve around. Take, for example, where Kim Wexler is at the moment. She’s told Jimmy that there is a way to help Huell, but is it going to be something that compromises or hurts her career? She’s at an interesting tipping point here in that she has some opportunities to really move forward with her career, but Jimmy is this albatross that may end up holding her back. If he finds a way to pull her into the mud, it could cost her everything she’s working on — and that could be enough to make her want to leave him. The same could be said, though, for her just watching his descent and realizing that this is really not something that she wants any part of at all. Why in the world would she given that this man tends to surround himself in almost-constant chaos.

Also in this episode, there is going to be an interesting opportunity to learn some more about Nacho and where he stands at the moment — that is important, mostly because we haven’t really seen all that much of him in a while. Is he going to get himself in a better spot? There’s obviously a reason to worry about Nacho, especially since at the moment, he’s arguably in way too deep.

Where do you think things are going to go on Better Call Saul season 4 episode 8? Let us know right now in the comments!

(Photo: AMC.)

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