The Good Cop episode 6 review: Is Bob Saget’s Richie Knight a killer?

The Good Cop episode 6From the first ten minutes of The Good Cop episode 6, it was clear that we had a really fun episode on our hands. How could it not be with Bob Saget at the center of it? The Full House alum played a former TV dad here named Richie Knight, someone who had landed himself even more fame and fortune as the host of a late-night comedy show.

As it turns out, Richie also murdered his assistant, and most of the episode revolved around TJ trying to do what he could to prove that without a whole lot of help along the way. There were a number of things holding him back, with the biggest one being Richie’s own star power. He cast a spell on everyone around him — he was one of Cora’s childhood heroes and, beyond that, he brought Tony Sr. on his show in order to win him over. (Also, this was a great way for The Good Cop to get Tony Danza’s singing voice on the air — smart move.) When Richie really found himself feeling some of the heat, he eventually publicly humiliated Tony as a means of creating a possible vendetta so that if TJ ever arrested him, it would look a little more fishy.

Richie, aside from the greatness of Bob Saget, is one of the best adversaries on The Good Cop just because he was a rather tricky arrest for TJ to make. He was just as smart as he was sly. When he realized that his car could be a hotbed of evidence, he set it on fire as a bit for his show. Meanwhile, he was so bold at one point to confess to the murder when he realized TJ wasn’t wearing a wire. Were it not for trash bags having a particular DNA for the roll that they are on, it’s possible that he would have gotten away with the crime. The entire case is a testament to TJ’s determination, and also his ability to overlook, at least in this case, a charismatic guy who was able to convince other people that he could somehow turn them into stars.

In the end, we like to think everyone learned something here: Just because someone is awesome on TV doesn’t make them awesome in life.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Good Cop remains incredibly entertaining six episodes in — it may not be reinventing the comedy wheel, but it also doesn’t need to. It is funny, well-written, and it gives its characters a number of interesting things to do. Sure, having Tony Sr. suddenly become a late-night TV sensation is a little outlandish, but this show frames its murder cases in a heightened sense of reality. If you get on board the show for its entertainment value, odds are you will be very happy in the end.

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