The Good Cop episode 5 review: Tony’s life as a key witness

The Good Cop episode 3The Good Cop episode 5 continued what has been a rather-welcome trend throughout the season — ridiculous situations that Tony Caruso has to work his way out of. Some of them just so happen to be self-inflicted.

For episode 5, it was really a little bit of both. The NYPD realized that they needed Tony Sr.’s help as an expert witness in order to properly incriminate a dangerous criminal who he spent time behind bars with in the past. His testimony was so important, in fact, that they were willing to do just about everything that they could in order to protect him. This meant sticking Tony at the top floor of a Four Seasons Hotel alongside his girlfriend Debbie, who he married so that she could stay up there with him.

On paper, this felt like paradise to Tony since he could sit up there, smoke cigars, enjoy life in the Jacuzzi, and watch TV to his heart’s content. It was a staycation really like no other. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that within a matter of days he and Debbie were ready to kill each other and by the end of the episode, he had the marriage annulled. All of this was hilarious, mostly because he kept talking to TJ about it like this was sort of huge, solemn, and life-changing commitment when it was really Tony just taking advantage of the system. He was even ready to take advantage of the hotel stay given that for most of the episode, he wasn’t planning on actually ratting out his old cellmate despite claiming otherwise — that is, until he started to realize that there were people who wanted him dead.

A credible threat against Tony’s life surfaced during the episode, which led to one of the best sideplots of the season. Loomis was given a valuable dip written on a dollar bill, but he wasn’t paying attention and eventually lost the money. With that, he and Cora went on a wild goose chase for most of the episode in order to eventually find it. By the time they did, they ended up calling the tipster back at the wrong time and they ended up dying. This is actually pretty dark, but somehow, this show continue to make it feel funny.

CarterMatt Verdict

Whether it be TJ putting out his father with a fire extinguisher to keep him from smoking a potentially-deadly cigar or Loomis absolutely refusing to run after a perp, The Good Cop episode 5 continued to offer up some laughs. Not only that, but it proved that Tony isn’t necessarily set in his ways when it comes to everything — at least when his life is on the line. We’re just not sure we see him staying in any more top-dollar hotel rooms in the near future.

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