The Good Cop episode 2 review: Tony meets supermodel Belinda Mannix

The Good Cop episode 2After watching The Good Cop episode 2, there are many questions we wonder — with one of the biggest ones being why this wasn’t the premiere.

Sometimes with crime procedurals, you end up seeing some kinks have to be worked out through some of the early episodes, and that seems to be very much the case here. Episode 2 was vastly superior to the premiere in almost every way, whether it be the premise, the humor, or the way in which it used the characters. While there was a criminal, this was also far from your traditional case you see on a crime show.

The story in this episode revolved around famed supermodel Belinda Mannix (Stitchers alum Emma Ishta), who was spending a surprisingly large amount of time around Tony after the two had a cringe-worthy meeting in the middle of his card game. She blew him off like she probably did many other guys, but because of an unfortunate butt-dial, what we ended up having here was a case where he held evidence of her collaboration with a hitman. Basically, she found herself in a position where in order to bury some of the evidence of her criminal activity, she had to pretend like she was actually in love with him.

The events that followed were ridiculous, as Tony (the man that he is) was delusional enough to actually think that Belinda had a serious interest in him and wanted to go on a scavenger hunt around the city for the missing phone containing the incriminating information. She was desperate to figure out whether or not he had it, and also proved herself to be capable of murder for anyone who got in her way. Her kill was the second strange one in this episode, with the first being the hit in the bunny mask in the premiere.

Eventually, Tony did figure out that she was a criminal, but at first briefly considered not even caring just so that he could sleep with her. (Heck, he even went to a priest in what was one of the episode’s funnier scenes.) Tony still couldn’t turn the cop side of his brain, and eventually they fought over control of the phone before TJ and Cora showed up to lend a helping hand and arrest her. (Somehow, The Good Cop transitioned Cora over from probation officer to detective in this episode — a convenient move but also an appreciated one, since it gave Monica Barbaro more to do.)

CarterMatt Verdict

This is the episode that makes The Good Cop must-watch TV if you are a crime TV fan. It has a natural charm about it that is reminiscent of Monk and other good old-school procedurals. It’s nostalgic, funny, and features Tony Danza taking center stage in almost every scene that he’s in. Even though he’s a crooked cop, there’s a heart of gold underneath there and watching him spend this episode gallivanting around with a criminal supermodel somehow turned into entertainment gold.

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