Supernatural season 14 promo: Jensen Ackles’ Michael takes center stage (video)

Supernatural season 13 posterSupernatural season 14 is going to be premiering on The CW until October, and the new trailer is certainly all sorts of intense.

There is one top story entering season 14, and that is the thing that The CW is spotlighting first and foremost in their new trailer: Jensen Ackles playing a totally new character in Michael. He’s a dangerous archangel who doesn’t act anywhere close to the Dean that we know, and for Sam there is obviously going to be a huge impetus on trying to figure out a way, if at all possible, to get the old Dean that he knows and cares about. This is just one of those things that is so much easier-said-than-done when there are a number of obstacles in the way.

Creatively, this season is also going to be incredibly interesting just because this is really the first time that we’ve had a chance to actually see Supernatural without having Dean around as himself. This is an interesting creative challenge for the writers, though it probably is a really interesting acting challenge for Jensen to take on. There are going to be many other familiar faces around, and hopefully, some of those are going to serve to help Sam.

So how long do we think that this Michael twist is going to last? The producers are tipping their hat too much on this, but we’d be shocked to see the series go with this for longer than four or five episodes — so much about what makes Supernatural awesome is that it has a rather-familiar pattern that it tends to stick to the vast majority of time.

We know that this is far from the last preview we’re going to have for season 14; hopefully, we’ll get to see more new footage in the near future.

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