The Sinner season 2 finale review: Who is Julian’s father?

The Sinner season 2 episode 1There have been a number of theories out there revolve around Julian’s father entering The Sinner season 2; as it turns out, some of you were actually correct!

At around the halfway point of Wednesday night’s new episode of the series, it was officially revealed that Heather’s own father — and one of the people responsible for bringing Harry Ambrose out there — ended up actually being Julian’s dad. He slept with Marin, and he has been making secret payments in order to ensure that he was brought up and had an okay life back at Mosswood.

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Following this, we also got a better sense of who ultimately had Julian, and this was no surprise: Vera, who wanted to go on the run with him in order to ensure that he was protected. She had sympathy on the boy and cared for him, really as any mother would regardless of whether or not she was biological. What she did not expect was for Julian himself to say that he actually wanted to go back in order to face the music. He wanted to be punished for what happened so that he could stay where he was and feel like he had proper consequences for his actions.

Also tonight, we saw the moment where Julian learned about the deadly plant that eventually brought about the murders of Adam and Bess. Meanwhile, Vera decided to set some of her life ablaze, and Ambrose was delivered a recorded message that happened from the night he didn’t remember. While there, she forced him to confront his greatest trauma in order to continue her own bizarre form of therapy. Yet, in Harry’s words, she did this for control more than an actual desire to really help.

The results of Julian’s hearing

At the end of the night, we saw the judge trying to figure out what exactly to do with the boy. There is a clear argument here that Julian’s actions were the result of his upbringing. Rather than being sent to prison, Julian gets to live out the next few years of his life at New Horizons. Basically, he does have another chance at life. Ambrose also dropped some of the charges against Vera. She may have extreme beliefs and certainly isn’t always right, but at the same time she does care about Julian.

The Sinner season 2 ends creepy, with Vera embracing the giant rock that has held so much more most of her life. With that, it did give Julian a chance to actually visit Niagara Falls and see them first-hand. He certainly earned that, if nothing else.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would say that The Sinner season 2 presented some excellent television for us as we finally got some answers on a few different twists and also more of Ambrose’s own backstory. It was haunting, resonate, and above all something we will remember for some time. We got closure on most things, and with that, it was satisfying.

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