America’s Got Talent finale: Would Shin Lim, Courtney Hadwin, or someone else be most successful winner?

America's Got TalentLeading up to the America’s Got Talent finale on Tuesday night, we want to pose a different sort of question beyond just who will win. Instead, we want to look at who could end up being the most successful winner after the fact.

After all, if you look at AGT as a whole, it’s pretty clear that winners have a slightly uneven track record. You have people like Michael Grimm and Kevin Skinner, who have barely been heard of since the end of their seasons. Yet, you also have people like Terry Fator and Mat Franco, who have gone on to be very much successful after the fact. Recent winner Grace VanderWaal is also clearly on her way there. (We have a winner rankings piece that we will update after the finale with some of the latest names.)

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So who from this season do we think could go on to have a huge career? We’re thinking here mostly in terms of artists who we can envision actually either having a mainstream impact after the fact, or making a tremendous amount of money from somewhere. We’ve come up with six different acts who fit that bill.

Samuel J. Comroe – We could see him getting a successful standup tour and eventually leveraging this to more specials and events like that. We’re not sure he will ever be super-mainstream, but he could be very successful in comedy circles.

Zurcaroh – We could see them headlining some sort of conceptual Las Vegas style show, or at least putting on something like it with the right money and planning behind them. It’s a risky gamble, but we don’t think they’re just destined to do five-minute performances forever.

Courtney Hadwin – She’s going to have an interesting path in that we don’t see her becoming a star right away after this season beyond just a few NBC performances. It’s going to take some time getting her with the right producers and people who can find a specific lane for her own music — we do think she can get there, but it may take some patience. It often does with young artists.

Vicki Barbolak – She could easily tour, but we think she could be better suited if she manages to get a development deal at NBC for her own show that capitalizes on her trailer-park humor. That’s the clearest path for her.

Shin Lim – Easily, he could headline a Las Vegas show or do something at the Magic Castle — he’s already a part of the Illusionists’ upcoming shows in New York later this year!

Brian King Joseph – While we don’t see him as your traditional radio star, we do think that he can be a Lindsay Stirling type of performer who leverages social media / YouTube and does awesome collaborations.

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Who do you think would actually be the most successful winner of America’s Got Talent this year? Share in the comments!

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