America’s Got Talent finale rankings: Shin Lim, Courtney Hadwin lead

America's Got TalentMoving into the America’s Got Talent finale this week, are you ready for CarterMatt’s finale rankings?

Below, you can see where the ten finalists stand (at least in our mind) entering the big episode on Tuesday. The two main things that we are looking at here are performance quality and then also past voting history — both on this season and on seasons in the past. Remember that if you want to our take on the contestants in video form, watch below and subscribe to our You Tube channel for more! You can also check out our America’s Got Talent playlist.

10. Glennis Grace – While Glennis is an extraordinary performer, we’re not quite sure that she has delivered enough memorable performances to have a real chance at winning. She needs to come out and do something incredibly different in order to have a chance.

9. Daniel Emmet – Daniel feels like one of the biggest rising stars in opera. He’s still young, and we do think he’ll get better and better as time goes along. We wish that we got more pure opera from him this season! The funny thing is that if he kept working for two or three more years and then auditioned for the show, we’d probably have him higher.

8. Samuel J. Comroe – Samuel is a brilliantly-funny comedian, but we imagine that his act may be a little polarizing for the finale. Also, maybe he and Vicki end up splitting the comedy vote.

7. Duo Transcend – Everything that they’ve done has been breathtaking, dangerous, and thoroughly entertaining. Personally, they are one of our favorite acts of the season; yet, aerial / acrobatic acts never seem to win this show and we have a hard time thinking that it will change here.

6. Zurcaroh – They are outstanding, but the same argument that we used for Duo Transcend has to also be used here. They have received an even stronger edit and a ton of screen time, but they may not have the personal connections with viewers that the five acts ranked above do.

5. Brian King Joseph – Brian is easily the biggest rising star on the show after his extraordinary semifinals performance. While it feels like a longshot that a violinist could win this show, his likability and creativity make him a very real contender.

4. Vicki Barbolak – Vicki has a very unique angle to her comedy, she’s memorable, and we see her having a ton of fans in the midwest, especially among many blue-collar voters. She’s probably the most underrated act out there in terms of the size of her fan base.

3. Michael Ketterer – To us, we’re now entering the tier of acts that we think have a serious chance of winning. Michael has a combination of three things that make him dangerous: A great talent, a great story, and being the sort of act that often wins this show. We’ve seen a number of men his age win over the years and we definitely think he could, as well.

2. Courtney Hadwin – It’s really close between #2 and #1 for us, and for us, we’re not holding any of Courtney’s TV experience against her at all. This really just comes down to who has the most momentum at the moment and who may stand out the most from the field. Courtney is extraordinary, and with the right performance, she could easily win.

1. Shin Lim – There are three things for us tipping the scales in Shin’s favor. First, he’s coming off of his best performance yet. Also, a magician has won America’s Got Talent before and we know it’s possible. Finally, we think he’s helped by the fact that there are no other acts in the finale like him.

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