Mayans MC episode 3 video: Collision courses from EZ’s past

Mayans MCMayans MC episode 3 is coming up on Tuesday night and based on ht promo below, there’s going to be an escalation of conflict.

What we know already is that things are messy — and complicated. After all, there are so many different forces at work here in the cartel, the Mayans, and the anti-cartel protesters down around the border. The kidnapping of Emily’s son has escalated things between all sides, and for EZ, this is going to make him struggle all the more. His past with Emily and everything that he’s gone through is going to come rushing back, and we certainly do wonder if this is going to be the thing that really causes him to have some more conversations with her again.

At the core of the season, we do have these characters with this difficult past and separated present. The temptation here is to call Emily the Tara of this show, but we’re not sure that it’s really that simple due to the forces that are already in conflict with Emily, and also how those could end up keeping her away from him.

Is it possible that we could end up seeing some major characters die sooner rather than later? It certainly feels that way. We’re especially worried about Angel at the moment mostly because he’s stretched himself so thin. If he starts spending too much time around the wrong person, it’s not all that hard to figure out that there are going to be some pretty harsh consequences that come his way.

Mayans MC episode 3 airs on FX Tuesday night, and we certainly hope that it lives up to the expectations of the first two. There’s so many more stories to tell and with characters so rich, that leaves the door open for a lot of backstory.

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