Outlander notes: Diana Gabaldon’s first pitch; set reflections

OutlanderAre you ready for some Sunday morning Outlander notes? Let’s kick things off with something awesome with Diana Gabaldon.

It wasn’t that long ago when we first reported that Gabaldon would be throwing out the first pitch for a New York Yankees game this weekend. Now, there’s some video footage of it online! Thanks to Big Apple Outlander on Twitter, you can see the moment below. It’s pretty great insofar as first pitches go, mostly in that she was able to get the ball to the catcher and really, that’s all you’re hoping for when you do these sort of pitches.

As someone who has not really picked up a baseball since we were around five years old, we have immense respect for anyone who is able to go up in front of a crowd and do something like this. It’s gotta be super-intimidating, especially since if you screw something up there’s a good chance that plenty of people are going to mock you endlessly on social media. Luckily for Diana, she seemed to have a good time with it and we had fun watching her.

Also, Caitriona Balfe was quick to give her some praise on social media for it, as well. Check out her message below alongside the pitch itself.

(While you’re thinking about Gabaldon and the books, be sure to vote for Outlander for PBS’ Great American Read.)

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Some more behind-the-scenes magic

While production designer Jon Gary Steele can’t quite show off some of his brilliant designs for season 4 at the moment, he has been highlighting many of his creations from past seasons as of late on his Twitter. Be sure to go check it out, and you can view one of his most-recent teases below.

If you’ve been following along on our Outlander season 4 photo preview pieces (the most-recent one is here), rest assured that we’ll be back a little bit later today for more. We have one more collection of photos later!

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