Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 9 review: Making peace with the Peacemaker choice

Wynonna Earp season 3 premiereTonight, Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 9 delivered a number of different things; yet, the best thing that we saw was a strange, twisted, and emotional journey through the mind with Wynonna and Doc at the center of it.

We had no real idea as to why we were seeing Doc’s face in one of the walls in the promo, but over the course of the hour, it started to become clear as we were living out some of Wynonna’s last rites as she found herself dying at the hands of Bulshar. Her mind was trapped elsewhere while her body was left in stasis. Wynonna wasn’t the only person in trouble, either — Bobo also found himself in danger through most of the episode, but eventually he was found my Waverly, Jeremy, and some of the other characters in the present world. He was going to be the key to finding her on the other side, if it was possible.

One of the questions that we were left to wonder is to what Bulshar’s ultimate goal here was with this dimension — if he wanted to break her or just distract her. Either way, Wynonna realized that while she was in this dimension, she could not actually eradicate herself of Bulshar. The only thing that she could really do was get herself back to some of her friends. With that, this is precisely what she wanted to do and also what she fought for.

Unfortunately, this is where this episode got all the more heartbreaking — the further Wynonna went back into the void, the harder it became in order to bring her back out. The same went with Doc. The two were eventually found by some of others, but there was a heavy cost. In order to get back to her friends, Wynonna had to give up Peacemaker — the one thing that Bulshar had really wanted all along. He didn’t care about the curse or anything; he just wanted to get into the garden and the gun was the way.

In the aftermath of everything…

Wynonna was back in the real world, but she was downtrodden and sad over everything that happened. The only real weapon that the heroes really had were each other, and some of the skills that they had figured out how to master over the years … or was it? Instead, the closing minutes showed us some of what Waverly can do, even without really knowing about. Mercedes is back, and to go along with that, her face is healed. Is this a compelling enough tease for next week? We like to think so.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, we would say that Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 9 was a fantastic exploration of some of the pain that many of these characters are dealing with. Whether it by Wynonna and Doc dealing with the pains of their relationship or Wynonna coming to terms more with her own abilities, there was a lot going on here. Yet, most of it was ethereal, strange, and lovely to unfold — and there were still some laugh-out-loud moments along the way.

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