The First season 2 renewal: Will it happen for Sean Penn series at Hulu?

The FirstFollowing today’s series premiere, will The First season 2 happen down the road at Hulu? It’s an interesting discussion point for many reasons.

The First represents an even bigger gamble for the streaming service than we are used to seeing from them. Typically, the streaming service has a tendency to release one episode a week for some of their shows, similar in part to what we see with most basic-cable programs. Yet, for The First, the streamer decided to put all eight episodes online at the same time similar to what Amazon and Netflix do. Their thinking here is clearly that the space drama is binge-watching gold and they can get a devoted audience here right away.

We also know that this was an ambitious show for Hulu to make from the start, largely because Sean Penn is not the sort of actor who just signs up for roles randomly. It was a big get having him serve as the star of the series, just as it was also notable to lure Natascha McElhome away from Designated Survivor. That show is also moving forward, but it is doing so now without her.

Hulu’s determination on The First season 2 is probably going to be constructed by a number of different factors, starting with just figuring out if they can build something stable and long-lasting with this particular story. Reviews are going to matter somewhat with that (they’ve been mixed so far), and seeing how many viewers they retain is going to be another. If they detect over the next few months that there are throngs of viewers who are watching the entire season from start to finish, that’s encouraging for the future. They would rather have a smaller group of viewers who watch all the way through than a large group who watch the first few episodes and taper off. The consistent viewers are a signal of growth, that they will tell their friends and they’ll check it out, as well.

Hopefully, news on The First season 2 is going to officially come out at some point in the next few months. Patience is key here, given that there is no guarantee that Hulu is going to rush into some sort of decision.

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