Will Outlander season 4 be over before season 5 filming begins?

OutlanderWe like to ask some fun questions as we get through the Droughtlander, and tonight, the one that is on our mind is rather simple: Will Outlander season 4 be over on Starz at the time in which season 5 starts filming?

There’s really just one reason why this matters more so than any other: Secrecy, or at least how much of it production wants to take. If season 5 filming begins after season 4 airs, there’s probably a little bit less of a reason to hide things under a heavy lock and key. If it’s filming at the same time the show is airing, things may be a bit more secretive. We saw that for at least part of the season 3 airing window on Starz.

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Really, we think that there are a couple of different components that will determine this one way or another.

1. What happens in terms of the season 4 schedule – If Outlander opts to air episodes over the holidays, what that means is that the first season could be done as early as late January. If they take the final two weeks of December off, it’ll be airing in mid-February … right around the time that the new season could start filming.

2. The season 5 filming schedule – Technically, all we know in regards to the new filming schedule is that production will begin at some point in February. As for whether or not it’s early or late in the month, that remains to be seen.

No matter what, one thing that does feel clear here is that there probably won’t be some sort of quick Outlander teaser for season 5 after season 4 like we saw last year, unless the cast and crew get together something far in advance. There’s just not going to be a lot of footage in the can even if season 5 begins before the season 4 finale airs.

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