9-1-1 season 2 premiere forecast: Where we left off and where are we going?

911 season 2The season 2 premiere of 9-1-1 is quickly approaching and if you love this show a much as we do then it can’t come soon enough. This show has it all: Action, engaging stories, romance and a tremendous cast (we have loved Peter Krause ever since seeing him on Six Feet Under!) and even though we have a bit of a cast change coming up this season (Connie Britton is gone and Jennifer Love Hewitt is replacing her at the call center) we have faith that it will still be the same show we love.

So where did we leave of and what can we expect moving into season 2? This is where we come in to help give you a refresher as well as some teases for what’s to come.

Where we left off

Abby left Los Angeles to go on a grand adventure (the one her mother never had a chance to take when she was alive) and this pretty much ended her relationship with Buck. He wanted to wait for her, but we know that Connie Britton has left the show so we expect that relationship to be over moving forward.

Bobby and Athena went on their first date, which is a big step for both of them since Bobby beats himself up on the regular for what happened to his wife and kids and Athena’s complicated marriage just broke up.

Henrietta cheated on her wife and put her entire family in jeopardy when she decided to cheat with her ex-girlfriend. Little did she know that her ex-girlfriend had set this up to try to pull Henrietta’s family apart and while it did at first, she was able to start to work things out with her wife by the finale.

Where we are going

So moving into season 2 there are going to be some changes. We have already mentioned that Jennifer Love Hewitt will be coming on board as Maddie (the new 911 operator), but beyond that we are going to see something that we didn’t see in the first season: A larger emergency story arc. Fox has hyped up the massive earthquake that is going to hit Los Angeles so hard that even the 911 offices are going to be severely damaged making it harder to get the first responders out there to help. Last season we had a lot of one episode emergencies and we will again this season too, but having this massive earthquake is definitely a way to raise the stakes.

We also know that we are going to see where Bobby and Athena’s relationship has landed after their first date and let’s just say that it’s getting pretty intense. The promo has already shown them making out as well as cuddling on a couch, so if you are a fan of this coupling then this season is going to have something for you.

The biggest question mark we have going into this season is Buck and his storyline. Abby really helped to change him from a man that just had meaningless flings with every woman he saw to a man that can be invested in a more mature and loving relationship. Is this something that will continue for him or is he going to revert back to his old ways?

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Remember that there is a special two night premiere for season 2 starting on Sunday, September 23, and then the second episode will be airing on Monday September 24 (it will then air on Mondays going forward). You are going to have to be patient with the Sunday episode though because the start time is whenever football ends so keep that in mind if you aren’t watching live and plan to DVR it.

Are you excited to see what Jennifer Love Hewitt brings to the show or are you still salty that Connie Britton is gone? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts.

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