Chicago Fire season 7 on set: Taylor Kinney, Miranda Rae Mayo on Severide, Kidd

Taylor KinneyChicago Fire season 7 is premiering on NBC come Wednesday, September 26, and this is a good time to celebrate if you’re a fan of Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd! The two were formally a couple at the end of last season, and moving into the start of season 7 signs point to them being in the best place that they’ve ever been.

As a matter of fact, Miranda Rae Mayo went on to say the following rather-cheery remark on the future of the relationship to CarterMatt while we were at One Chicago Day earlier this week:

“There are bumps in the road but the ship’s still sailing, and still trying to get to that destination of love and happiness. I have faith in this relationship.”

Does Taylor Kinney have just as much faith? He kicked off his answer to us with a George Michael reference, while also saying that their professional / personal dynamics are all tracking in the right direction:

“Yes. Gotta have faith. It’s been a good run … I think they start off season 7 in a good place in their relationship and it transfers over into their working relationship.”

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Of course, for Severide though Stella is not the only important relationship that he has. His dynamic with Matt Casey over the years has been riddled with highs in lows, but Kinney indicated to us that in the wake of Dawson going to Puerto Rico in the season 6 finale, there is an opportunity to explore new territory where Severide is suddenly the one who can offer support:

“The [Casey and Severide] relationship is mostly in the workplace, and they’ve gone through some lows, such as the death of a friend in the house and the two pointing fingers at each other. In the years going forward from that, you had instances of Kelly’s relationship going south and Casey saying ‘if you need anything, let me know.’ They’re not necessarily guys who sit around and talk about their feelings, but they’ve lost people close to them and they’ve had each other’s back.

“In the midst of what’s been going on with Dawson being in Puerto Rico and Kelly being in a steady relationship, it’s the opposite of what you’ve really seen with Kelly and Casey in their personal lives. It’s an opportunity for Kelly to be the ear, the shoulder, and to offer up the olive branch ‘saying, if you need anything, you want to talk, you want to go fishing or have a cigar, I’m here for you.’ He’s been through a lot, so to be on the other side and offering advice should be an interesting dynamic for the audience and for us to play as actors.”

You shouldn’t necessarily assume that Dawson’s departure means the end of her marriage with Casey; yet, it complicates things and it feels very clear that there is a great deal that they are going to have to work on moving forward.

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