Mayans MC episode 3 preview: Tests and uneasy alliances

Mayans MCMoving into Mayans MC episode 3, we’re going to see some characters start to adopt some rather desperate measures — especially within the Galindo cartel.

For Miguel in particular, we know that this is a man who is willing to do almost anything to get what he wants, including lying straight-up to Emily’s face and putting her son in a great deal of jeopardy while he does what he can in order to battle the rebel anti-cartel group at the border. He has already retaliated against them despite promising that he wouldn’t, and we still think that the worst here could still be coming as he tries to make some other moves.

These are the sort of things that could put a strain on Miguel’s relationship with Emily, and in the process of that we do also wonder if these are the sort of things that could eventually move her closer to EZ Reyes and her old life once more. The problem there could come via Angel’s own double-dealings and the secret agenda that he holds … one that could divide the Mayans and cause significant problems if he and Emily were to ever be closer.

The short Mayans MC episode 3 synopsis that CarterMatt has for you below does suggest that alliances around the MC could start to fall apart — and if they do it’s definitely happening rather early based on where we are in the story:

The M.C. alliances are tested and the Galindo family adopt unconventional methods.

By the end of this episode, maybe we’ll learn a little more about what is happening with Emily’s son and also where EZ stands with both her and some other members of the MC. We are still early on in the season, and the good thing about this is that it does offer up more opportunities to get inside the heads of many of these characters — which, at this point, we desperately need.

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