Power season 5 finale review: A shot to the heart

PowerTonight, the Power season 5 finale reminded us of one thing more so than any other: It’s not easy to be James St. Patrick. With that being said, many of his wounds were largely self-inflicted.

The story of Mike Sandoval’s death goes back several years now but tonight, it all came to a head as Ghost, Angela, Tasha, and Tommy found themselves in a situation where all of their heads were on a metaphorical spike. Prosecutors were closing in on them fast, and were also looking to try to pin down almost single person that they possibly could for information.That included Terry Silver, who returned tonight and was very intent on getting close to Tasha once again.

Yet, as the episode went along, it started to become clear that Terry has some different plans of his own, and those could lead to Ghost being implicated and, in turn, much of his life being shut down. As Ghost started to figure out what was really going on here, he took matters into his own hands.Ghost’s decision to murder Terry came out of a combination of necessity (in his mind) and jealousy, but it’s not the most shocking move that we saw in the finale.

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Instead, that came courtesy of Angela getting shot by Tommy in a vengeful move after he learned as to how culpable Ghost really was in everything that happened with Teresi. Tommy was set up by him to do some of the things that he did, and Angela getting caught in the crossfire for him is great vengeance. In doing this, though, it is hard to really imagine precisely how we are going to end up seeing a situation in which Tommy is able to escape any wrath next season. How much help is Keisha going to be given what he could be up against?

CarterMatt Verdict

What is so interesting about the Power season 5 finale is that, as entertaining as it may be, it did still leave many things up in the air. For example, what is going to happen now with Joe Proctor, or where was Tariq through most of the episode? Was leaving Dre alive the right choice, and is Lela Loren leaving the show? We feel reasonably confident that she’s not, but clearly this is a question that the producers want floating out there at the moment.

Despite not giving you a panoramic view of every single character, there’s still no doubt in our mind that Power had a great finale. It created some genuine buzz-worthy moments and gave us more to be ready for when it comes to season 6.

We will say this: The smartest person in Power is clearly John Mok, who opted to leave rather than stay engaged in this hot mess.

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