Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 8 review: The search for the Garden of Eden

Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 8Tonight, Wynonna Earp season 3 episode 8 brought out many things, whether it be the return of Constance Clootie and then also some major backstory. For everyone who wanted to know more about the early days of Doc, we got a sense of that. We learned more about how he met Kate, the path that the two went on, and why they were in Purgatory now.

What was just as interesting as the Doc backstory was seeing Wynonna and Kate together in an effort to release Constance from the world and be able to escape some further danger. Much of this was tied, in part, to Bulshar, and trying to figure out that character’s endgame was of the utmost priority.

This eventually brought the team to a key reveal, one that was a collaborative effort — of course, this did come after a lot of chaos that included Doc biting Jeremy’s new love interest in Simon. Apparently, Bulshar is searching for the Garden of Paradise, a place that just so happens to be tied to the Ghost River Triangle. This place is protecting Eden … but does God have a role in it? That’s your cliffhanger for the week, since Bulshar has some more secrets he may be ready to drop!

As for the flashbacks, we learned eventually that Kate became a vampire in order to ensure that she could continue to search for Doc. Yet, it was Wynonna who found him. These characters are all intertwined and on some level, it’s painful to see so much sacrifice and heartache. We just hope that there is an opportunity coming up in order to see some happiness here. Waverly and Nicole have theirs, but for Wynonna, we just want things to be a little steadier for her. Charlie was around for much of the episode tonight, and even brought her a breadstick basket at the end! What better sign of commitment is there than that?

CarterMatt Verdict

The most interesting thing around this episode was getting a chance to see and learn a little bit more about Kate and the history that the character had — she and Wynonna got a little bit closer this week, which is nice since it keep this from being yet another love triangle in a sea of them on television overall.

While we’ve seen episodes of Wynonna Earp that have more laugh-out-loud moments in them, what we did appreciate about this particular installment was furthering along the main story. We still don’t know precisely where things are going, but we’re happy that we’re continuing down the road to some answers with Bulshar.

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