Take Two episode 12 review: Did an art-heist case turn romantic?

Did Take Two episode 12 deliver what many fans of Sam and Eddie have been hoping to see for a rather long time?

Ultimately, one of the things that we learned tonight that was super-important involves the relationship between our two leads … and what could be their future moving forward. At the end of the episode tonight, Sam and Eddie kissed after an episode that was full of jealousy that the two had for some other people that were around them. For Eddie, he was feeling that way towards Troy, a guy that she had supposedly dated the night before. Meanwhile, with Sam, she was feeling these feelings towards an art thief who found herself very much roped into the larger case that the two characters were working on over the course of the episode.

Once the bad guy was put away (through an elaborate scheme no less, and after Sam and Eddie were initially arrested), we saw these two characters realize that they would rather be together than with anyone else.

Moving forward, this obviously has to change things when it comes to their relationship, and we imagine that for some, the surprise is that it happened so soon. Yet, Take Two is on at a time in which networks are not necessarily convinced that they are going to keep some of their shows in the long-term. It therefore makes a certain degree of sense that the writers would have this happen now. It’s further incentive to bring the show back for another season since there is a whole lot more explore!

Of course, add to this the potentially bubbling feelings that are going on for Berto and Monica back at the office, and we have an especially romantic series at the moment. We’re not as positive they’ll have any romantic moments moving forward, but it certainly feels like a distinct possibility.

CarterMatt Verdict

Obviously the Sam – Eddie kiss was great, but it came alongside a really fun episode that featured Sam being undercover, art heists, and fancy outfits. The moment felt earned at the end of the episode, largely due to the buildup to it in that episode. Regardless of whether or not Sam and Eddie were trying to make each other jealous throughout the hour, the reality here is that it worked!

What did you think when it comes to Take Two episode 12, and are you surprised that Sam and Eddie kissed tonight? Be sure to share in the attached comments below!

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