Outlander season 4 projections: The current thematic takeaways

Outlander season 4As we get closer to Outlander season 4 premiering on Starz this November, what are some of the themes that we’re already thinking about? What does Starz want us to be expecting?

Obviously, what we feel about this season going into it could be very much different from what we end up feeling about it after the fact — that often happens with many shows! Yet, the way in which the show has been promoted, plus also some of the teasers that are out there, give us at least a reasonably clear idea as to what this particular batch of episodes could be about.

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1. Family – We know that Jamie and Claire are in America, and while there they are looking to set up roots and kick off a new chapter of their lives. One of the people who is there for them in the early going is Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta, and she is far from the only family connection you are going to see on the show this season. In general, it’s fair to say that family is going to be a pretty key part in it throughout.

2. Adventure – We do think the key art above invokes a sense of that, and we do think that, in general, braving your surroundings and the outside world is a huge component to what makes Outlander the show that it is. You even see these themes echoed by the cast away from the series — go out, take a risk, and live.

3. Dealing with change – This has always been a key part of this show, but perhaps this season more than any other, every character must face significant changes coming from being a new part of the world with different politics and priorities.

4. Acceptance – This means, accepting someone for their flaws, accepting your place in life, and also accepting that there are certain people you cannot change no matter of you want to. Because of characters settling in, you’ll see a story of a slightly-different speed most like. Things that were once not noticeable may now be with a different pace in mind.

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What do you expect to see thematically from Outlander season 4, and what are you hoping for? Share right now in the comments!

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