Outlander season 4 notes: A River Run tease; Canadian premiere date

Outlanderto see some more news when it comes to Outlander season 4? In this Sunday edition of show notes, we have a couple of fun things to share.

Let’s start things off here with a tease of River Run, Aunt Jocasta’s famed estate that is going to be one of the central settings of the upcoming batch of episodes. In a post on Twitter, production designer Jon Gary Steele presented a clear still of his handiwork from the recent Entertainment Tonight teaser and it gives you a good sense as to precisely the look of the place. What’s also nice is reading through some of the replies to get more of his insight on the location and the work that went into making it. The exterior of the homestead was built by hand for this season, while some of the interiors are located back on the show’s home base.

Replicating 18th-century North Carolina in Scotland is no easy task, but we think that Steele and the rest of the team are doing a great job. This looks like many other homes we’ve come to know from both the region and the era.

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As for the second thing worth noting, it is that Outlander season 4 is going to be airing in Canada the same night as it is in the United States — it will be on the W Network on Sunday, November 4. Whether or not it is airing at 8:00 p.m. Eastern or an hour later remains to be seen, but we’re glad that the show is now at least airing the same night both in the United States and north of the border.

There isn’t really any new footage in the video below, but isn’t it nice to see it all over again? We’re just over two months away from the show’s premiere now and hopefully, there are more exciting teases coming up soon.

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