Better Call Saul season 4: Bob Odenkirk disputes Kim – Chuck letter theory

Better Call Saul season 4One of the great things about a show like Better Call Saul is looking at and diving into some of the crazy theories that are out there about the story. This season, one of the biggest ones revolves around the letter than Jimmy McGill received that was, apparently, from his brother Chuck before his death.

So why use the word “apparently”? That is a reference to the theory that the letter, which was largely complimentary of Jimmy, was actually written by Kim instead. This could have been her way of trying to make him feel better — which didn’t actually work, given that Jimmy was fairly unfazed by anything in the letter in the first place.

As for whether or not Bob Odenkirk himself actually believes in the theory, let’s just say not so much. Here is what he had to say on the subject to TVLine:

“Yeah, that’s crazy. I don’t believe that for a second … I don’t think Kim wrote the letter. I think that’s what Chuck wrote a few years before, and it’s just pro forma bulls–t that Chuck was spouting to the world … [Before Chuck died], he said to Jimmy, ‘You meant nothing to me.’” So he sees Chuck’s surprisingly gracious letter as “a weird ‘f–k you’ to Jimmy, to just drive him crazier and make Chuck look to the world like the benevolent brother.”

Personally, we do subscribe to much of what Odenkirk says here, mostly because that does make a whole lot more sense in terms of what we know this character to be. Chuck is the sort of guy who absolutely would say something like this just for the sake of trying to needle his brother. He knows that he would feel like garbage over it and he would absolutely embrace that feeling. There’s nothing that Chuck loves more in his life than putting himself on a higher pedestal than his brother.

Ultimately, Jimmy probably has more important things to think about than his brother now — after all, he’s getting himself into more trouble and on the other side of that, he has a chance to be a lawyer again.

What do you think about what Odenkirk had to say here on the subject of the theory? Share right now in the attached comments.

(Photo: AMC.)

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