House of Cards cancellation almost happened, said Robin Wright

Apparently, House of Cards season 6 was close to not happening at all, says one of the stars at the center of it.

Speaking in a new interview with Net-a-Porter, Robin Wright made it clear that in the wake of the accusations against Kevin Spacey, which led to his firing from the Netflix series, there were strong considerations to just canceling the show outright:

“[The show was] very, very close [to cancellation] because of the climate at the time … The air was thick, you know. Harvey Weinstein… People were [saying], ‘We have to shut everything down or otherwise it will look like we are glorifying and honoring this thing that’s dirty.’”

Luckily, House of Cards did find a way to move forward without also making it feel as though it was supporting Spacey. The actor was removed from the show, production was delayed, new scripts were written, and the show was retooled to ensure that there was a proper ending. The remaining cast and crew members were, in the end, not forced to go without work because of one man’s actions. The final season may exist in some degree in Frank Underwood’s shadow, but there is a difference between Frank Underwood and Kevin Spacey. House of Cards is able to keep going and offer up a fitting conclusion for its longtime fans.

Ultimately, we do think that most of the people involved in this show handled the situation as best they could, though it was not easy given that episodes with Spacey were filmed at the time of his firing and everything that unfolded from there created confusion for weeks. The final episodes will premiere later this year; while at one point we heard talk about a possible spin-off series, that talk does seem to have faded.

Do you think that it was the right move for House of Cards to keep going after everything that happened, at least for one more season? Share below!

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