The Sinner season 2 episode 5 review: The history of Mosswood

The Sinner season 2 episode 4 reviewTonight, The Sinner season 2 episode 5 did something that we’ve been wanting for at least the last couple of weeks: Open the doors to Mosswood and giving us a good sense as to what this place really is.

Not only that, but the same thing goes for the history of Marin. As it turns out, Vera did remember her from so many years ago, as she was there not too long after Marin took off. She knew more than she was letting on and over the course of this episode, but around the middle of it, she finally told the truth. Heather Novack’s theory was correct in that Marin was actually Julian’s father. Yet, Vera still insisted that she basically raised Julian as her own and didn’t want something as trivial as a birth certificate get in the way of her role in the boy’s life.

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The one thing that was more shocking and disturbing than anything we learned regarding Julian’s paternity was learning precisely how Marin may have got pregnant in the first place — via a rape. Julian was into horrific circumstances and conceived in the most horrific way. He was never brought up like a traditional child and conditioned in a way that was beyond comprehension. The slightest trigger could send him into a rage, which is what happened to him in prison to bring him into solitary.

As the investigation continued, it was clear that there was a divide as to how Heather and Ambrose wanted to handle it. Heather was transfixed on the Marin side, knowing that she could have answers — and we also certainly think that her personal history here with her is important. It better informs who she is and allows us to have a larger sense of perspective. Through flashbacks, we also got more of a sense as to how her relationship with Marin ended, with Marin refusing to speak with her at Mosswood and her realizing that the relationship that she once had with her was in complete and utter tatters.

As for Harry Ambrose, however, he faced some tension with Novack over how much time he had spent with Vera. To make matters worse, he found himself shipped off the case near the end of the episode over what was going to be perceived as a legal conflict of interest. He did care for the boy, and that in itself caused some problems. He went to visit him in solitary near the end of the episode to discuss what happened in prison, and some pieces were starting to come into play. Julian was apparently set to be sacrificed back at Mosswood, and with that, this was his chance to escape. Yet, some hooded figure was desperate to not have that happen.

So who is this hooded figure? That’s one of the largest remaining mysteries with this show … but not one we’ve got a clear answer to at the moment. Yet, we knew that there were many people who wanted to see Harry Ambrose go … largely because he was starting to know too much. That included Harry starting to figure out that Heather’s own father may be involved in all of this somehow.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, The Sinner season 2 episode 5 did a good job of bringing us a few different answers as to how Julian entered the world — and, to go along with it, what’s happening with Julian.

As for what we never needed to see on television (or even implied) in a million years, let’s vote for what happened with the calf. We know that this was necessary for explaining the sort of sacrifices that happen at Mosswood, but still. At least what we know coming out of this episode was that Marin was the mother of Julian, she is missing, and there was a hooded figure that was involved as a means of further extending Julian’s trauma.

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