Suits season 8 episode 7 review: The winery battle; Amy Acker returns

Suits season 8 episode 2One of the best things about Suits is that every now and then, you get a guest star you don’t see coming. That came tonight with Amy Acker, who returned as Louis Litt’s sister Esther.

The timing was certainly right for these characters to reunite, mostly because Louis found himself in the midst of a dilemma. He didn’t know how to relay that he wanted to raise the baby Jewish — heck, he didn’t really even know that it mattered to him at first.. This is where Esther came into play in order to offer up a little bit of advice. Unfortunately, Louis still didn’t approach Sheila the right way and it was only after talking to Stan he started to realize that he had to figure out a way in which to compromise with Sheila. They weren’t enemies in this and because of that, he needed to start looking at the situation a little bit differently.

Not only did Louis and Sheila learn a thing or two about compromise tonight, but Sheila also made a big decision by the end of the hour: She asked Louis to marry her! Then came the super-sad news: As it turns out, Sheila was not actually pregnant. This was a false positive, and their journey to having a family begins anew.

Elsewhere in this episode, we had a rather-interesting storyline that gave us a good sense as to what Robert Zane does in his off time — help to run a winery, with the problem being that a “clerical error” cost him more or less a full crop of his product. He wants to sue those who he feels to be responsible, especially since he felt like racism was at the core of it. These people claimed otherwise, and felt mostly that he was trying to sweep in and be a part of a business that he didn’t know all that well. They didn’t know him or like him, and it feels like this was a conspiracy to keep him out — for race-related reasons or otherwise.

Robert tried to have Alex handle some of his business, but rather than getting along, Robert wouldn’t listen to advice and instead, did his part in order to push him away. They had to get along and with that, Alex had to teach him a thing or two about cooperation. (You can argue that cooperation really was the word of the day for this episode.)

Harvey learns a secret about David Fox

As it turns out, the landlord actually did have a soft spot. He found himself in a pickle and needed Harvey’s help (a result of a deal that Donna made with him earlier this season). While Harvey thought that he was laundering money, the reality was that Fox was actually trying to take money to help out someone who was a mentor to him. In learning this information, all of a sudden Harvey realized that this was actually someone he wanted to represent … and someone he could trust.

In the end, Harvey was able to help David, but in the end, he wasn’t able to give him everything he want. David would have to tell the truth, or otherwise the guy he admired most in the world would go out of business.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Suits season 8 episode 7 showed itself to be the best use of the entire cast to date … or at least most of it. Where was Katrina Bennett this time? Otherwise, we are happy that we got to see a meaty personal story for Robert this week — he may not be a regular, but we’re still glad that Wendell Pierce is around a lot.

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