Riverdale season 3 promo; new The Good Place key art; Iron Fist season 2 tease (Quick Hits)

We’re back today with another edition of CarterMatt Quick Hits, and we want to kick off today with the new Riverdale season 3 promo.

After all, it’s not exactly lost on us that this promo is generating a great deal of attention for many different reasons. For one, you have Archie Andrews in prison and that on its own is going to generate a lot of drama. He’s going to find himself cornered and tested like never before.

However, Archie’s prison struggle is not the only thing notable about this season, as we’re also going to have a chance to see the relationship between Alice and FP heat up; meanwhile, Veronica is going to fight for the relationship she believes in … and there’s going to be more Bughead. Yet, while romance will run rampant, there is also going to be more danger. That is confirmed by the closing moment at the end of the promo.

Riverdale season 3 premieres on The CW a little bit later this fall.

Behind the scenes of Iron Fist season 2

If you are excited about what lies ahead, and we do like to think there’s a lot to be excited about, why not take a look at the new video that we have for you? This gives you a good sense of how the Finn Jones series constructs and plays out many of the fight scenes that are at the center of the show.

While there’s not too much in here when it comes to major plot teases, we do at the same time think that it serves as pretty good promotion. After all, the fight scenes really are at the core of what Iron Fist is as a series. Now if they can just ditch the villainous Hand and bring in a better villain this season could really make a mark for itself.

The Good Place season 3 key art

What on Earth? That is the tagline for the upcoming batch of episodes, and we definitely do think that it makes some sense given how the most-recent batch of episodes concluded. In this season, Eleanor and many of the show’s other characters are going to be given a new lease on life back on Earth … which they could screw up. If that happens, they do run the risk of going back to the bad place again, where they’ve been tormented, in one way or another, the past couple of years.

The premiere of The Good Place season 3 is coming to NBC this fall.

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