Making It episode 5 review: A space to call your own

Making It episode 1Making It episode 5 aired on NBC on Thursday night, and through this, we had the most competitive hour to date. This was the semifinals and while we’re sure that everyone was feeling that a little bit more than they typically do, at the same time tonally the series didn’t really change anything all that much. This was still very much about watching the remaining contestants have a little fun and find new ways to express themselves in some very difficult challenges.

The first one was about trying to come up with the most creative light fixture, and we think at this point Khiem officially made himself into the favorite. He’s won a lot of challenges as of late and he did so yet again here with something that was beautiful and yet had a certain degree of functionality to it.

Then, we got into the big challenge in the main competition, which was themed very much around the idea of making the best shed possible. It’s the first time that the contestants have had to effectively build their own space, and while they had some help with the construction, the design and the ideas were entirely their own.

Amber – This was a place that was described as “Grandma Chic.” This was really fun! It was a little bit crazy, a little glamorous, and also a little risky because not everyone was going to like it. Yet, we loved it — it almost felt like someone out on the Florida Keys.

Jo – This was a really cool design that was personal, careful, and cool — it was a celebration of art and creativity. The one drawback? She didn’t completely finish it, but what she had was enough for her to win!

Khiem – He made his spot into a backyard observatory and it was super-creative and super fun. If you were a kid, this would be a perfect place to hang out with some friends.

Billy – It was a voodoo-themed party shack and a way to have people get a touch of New Orleans. This was totally cool — we’re not sure that it’d work well in the rain, but this was still a really cool way to hang out.

As for who went home, Billy just didn’t have enough flair in his piece tonight — it was a close finish, but we do think that he’s going to be just fine coming out of this.

CarterMatt Verdict

Making It has been a delight virtually from the very start, and tonight’s new episode was yet another example of what this show does so right. It really just embraces allowing its contestants have fun and embrace some of their creative spirit. Even when people do go home, it’s never altogether sad.

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