Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 11 review: Morgan’s adventure

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 11Tonight, Fear the Walking Dead aired an episode that would probably be totally confusing to anyone who watched the series a year ago. After all, every single character on the show tonight was not on it at this point a year ago.

Yet, at the same time this was still a fascinating episode and a look at how desperate a guy like Morgan is to return to his old home … and some friends he met along the way. Morgan met tonight “the twins,” two characters named Sarah and Wendell who came with their own personalities and allegiances. Let’s just say that they were not altogether inclined to help Morgan Jones in this instance. Meanwhile, we also met a man named Jim who liked beer — as in, he really likes beer.

Through this episode, Morgan had to find a way to get a little bit of redemption for a decision he made to not help enough — something that can back to him. He doubted himself for just a minute but even still, that was enough in order to ensure that some people did not exactly get what they wanted. That’s why, when the going got tough for him a little bit later down the road, he wasn’t able to get a whole lot of help. As the episode progressed Morgan found himself almost surrounded by walkers and it wasn’t entirely sure what it was like being in that environment.

What was very interesting as a whole here was that there were moments in this episode where Morgan was very much isolated and on his own; however, there were also moments here where he was completely surrounded. He managed to survive that to reunite with Wendell and Sarah the next day. He made an arrangement with them so that they could all travel together to Virginia — with some stops along the way. This was Morgan’s chance to get back to Alexandria (at least eventually, after going back to Texas) … but to not be alone in the process. Along the way, they made some stops in order to help some people who were struggling in need of supply. These were characters who did make a rather-nice effort to actually pay things forward.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Fear the Walking Dead season 4 episode 11 was an episode that did offer up quite a bit when it comes to chilling moments, and also just good content as a whole. Above all else, we think that it came carrying a message that there is always a path to not be alone, but you have to just prepare for the risks that come with taking that path.

If there is one major criticism that we have about both this episode and much of Fear the Walking Dead so far this season as a whole, it is simply that the series really doesn’t have to do these longer episodes as much as they do. Sometimes, it just feels as though the show is extending their stories for the mere heck of it.

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