Outlander notes: Wizard World wrapping for Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton

Sophie SkeltonIt’s been an eventful past month and a half when it comes to Outlander convention season, given that we’ve seen many actors in Chicago, New Jersey, Las Vegas, and also overseas.

Yet, today marks in some ways a slowing-down of appearances, at least in that it is the final day of Wizard World in Chicago. Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, and Graham McTavish have been among the attendees of the past couple of days, where there have been some autograph sessions and panels. The discussions themselves were appealing, but what we really think puts many of these events over the top is the antics and rapport between the actors. They have no problem skewering one another and having a little bit of fun — it’s a window into what it is probably like working on the show’s set, which is something that Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan deserve some credit for. The lead actors often set the tone for the mood around set, and clearly they’ve allowed many of the other cast members to build some great relationships and have plenty of fun around each other.

Was there any breaking news that came from the convention? Not so much, though we do love Sophie continuing to joke that Roger dies at some point during season 4. (Don’t worry, non-book readers: It is not actually the case.)

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We do hope that some of this fun rapport does end up bleeding over to the fans even more than it has to date — many people certainly have paid that message forward and made the Outlander community a rather great one. We know that the past 24 hours have been a little bit tenuous due to some of the comments Sam had to deal with from a select number of fans upset over his recent cancellations and/or schedule changes, but they don’t speak for the community as a whole. No one really does. Everyone is independent and capable of their own thoughts.

As we’ve said in the past past, the next major US convention is going to be New York Comic-Con in October, followed then by Sasnak City in November. We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what happens at both of those, and having more Outlander updates along the way.

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