How Outlander season 4 finale could be the strongest one yet

Outlander season 4Even though we haven’t actually seen the Outlander season 4 premiere just yet, that isn’t stopping there from being conversation about it! If you have seen interviews featuring the cast over the past few months, you may have heard some hype around it as one of the best finales yet.

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So how could it be the best one yet? We do think at this point that every finale for this show has a few different components that make them successful.

1. A powerful emotional high point – This is something that was a distinct part of the first three finales. You’ve gone on such an enormous journey to get to the conclusion that you, of course, want all of the work to be worth it in the end. It may be a big challenge to get there since you have to build up almost an entire year’s worth of story to a singular moment, but you do have to get there.

2. The focus on a great performance – We’d say that the season 1 finale was a masterclass for Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies, while the season 2 closer was a tour de force for Caitriona Balfe in what was an incredible year for her as a whole. Season 3 was more of a collective effort. While you need an emotional zenith in these finales, it doesn’t have to be something huge in terms of scale. Focus in on the actors, the stakes, and given them the best material possible.

3. A tease for what’s coming next time – It doesn’t need to be a huge cliffhanger — in some ways, Outlander doing those wouldn’t work since so many viewers are book readers and know what’s coming up next. The better course of action here is to just offer some sort of teaser, king of like we got with Jamie and Claire arriving in America at the end of season 4.

Regardless of how the writers craft it, we do think that the expectations are going to be in another stratosphere. The season 2 finale may be our favorite episode of the entire series and the season 1 finale is in the top five. While the season 3 closer “Eye of the Storm” is probably our least favorite, it’s still one of the strongest episodes of season 3 and sets the bar super-high.

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How do you think the Outlander season 4 finale be the best yet? What do you think will make it that? Share now in the comments!

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