Making It episode 4 review: When every day is a holiday

Making It episode 1Making It episode 4 proved itself to be, once again, a delight. Yet, now that we are getting closer to the end of the season, we do sense a great amount of competition than ever before. There’s more of an awareness now amount some of these people that they are nearing the end — this isn’t a super-long season — and they need to bring it at every single moment.

Yet, through most of tonight’s episode we did find ourselves wondering if the series was going to set itself up for some sort of dramatic ending based on what Robert chose to do with his holiday-themed door display for the second challenge. He realized that he was done with what he wanted to execute early, so with that in mind, he went over to help Jo. This is the sort of move that on some other reality shows, you get raked over the coals over. Would he be hit with some sort of criticism for not spending enough time on his own?

Really, the one display that we loved the most was Amber, who had Valentine’s Day and found a way to decorate her door in a way that felt original, creative, and inspiring. We weren’t quite so interested in who the judges chose as the best after that. Luckily, they agreed and they chose to give the final batch to Amber.

Then, Nick Offerman (hilariously) found another way to force the judges to make a decision rather than himself … and Robert was the one who sent home. Yes, the prophecy of him finishing early ended up coming true! We don’t think that this was really the reason why he went home, though; instead, it was more of a function of him just not having a vision for this final challenge tonight that wasn’t creative enough. We did think for a while that he was a possible consensus favorite to win, largely because he had done rather well in a number of the other challenges throughout the season.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do like the fact that Making It never goes too much down a conventional road. There were a number of surprises that we saw over the course of Tuesday’s episode, whether it be some of the different challenges or how the judges reacted to them. We love that the judges are mostly fun and aren’t altogether mean. Also, the Faster Craft costume contest at the start was also plenty of fun!

The most important thing when it comes to where we are right now in the show is that we like everyone left. There are no disasters among the group and that has us very much intrigued to see where the final episodes take us.

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