America’s Got Talent review: Makayla Phillips, Sacred Riana, & live show #2!

America's Got Talent

Tonight, the second America’s Got Talent live show is airing on NBC and with that, it’s fair to say that there’s all sorts of exciting stuff going down!

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All of the acts are listed from our least-favorite to most-favorite on the night.

12. Yumbo Dump – We defended these guys going into the live shows because they were funny and had a memorable shtick to them. The problem here is that the act tonight really didn’t work. The first two things that they did tonight were super-unfunny and by the time they got to the one good bit with the dolphins, the judges were mostly out.

11. Savitsky Cats – We want to credit them, given that cat training is REALLY hard. Still, this was a messy performance and the cats weren’t really having it. Some didn’t work, and beyond that the staging and song choice was way too loud and distracting — and we’re not even talking about the crew malfunctions tonight.

10. Voices of Hope – We are actually on the Mel B side here with the song choice — it just felt a little bit expected and wasn’t altogether interesting. It was also really hard to understand what anyone was saying. We have to treat this choir exactly the same as Angel City Chorale (they don’t get bonus points because they’re kids), and we just think that Angel City was better.

9. Noah Guthrie – There was nothing altogether wrong about this performance, but it felt almost like something that you would hear in the middle of a concert. It wasn’t a show-stopper and we’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a little forgotten by the end of it. We do like Noah, though, so we do think that he’s got a decent shot of moving forward.

8. Glennis Grace – We give her bonus points for having to guts to come out there and sing this many high notes — some got a little out of tune, but she got better as it went along. Yet, this does very little to change our perception that she is a fairly dated singer who hasn’t done much to break through on the modern charts.

7. Quin and Misha – This was fun, and it certainly was energetic and well-executed for what it was. The truth is that this is probably as good as we’re going to see them — it still wasn’t phenomenal, but this is a weak show and at least they were memorable.

6. The Sacred Riana – What was that at the end with the odd cut to commercial? We don’t get that at all, but for some reason, we still really like the performance! It was weird and there wasn’t much magic, but it was brave. You can read more about the odd commercial cut by heading over to the link here.

5. Makayla Phillips – It was surprising that she kicked off the night, mostly because that’s not what you tend to see from singers. As a matter of fact, we thought that she could close the night! Yet, we don’t think that this was the best performance. Melodically, we just think that this Julia Michaels cover had enough — he had some big notes, but it took time to get going.

4. Da Republik – One of the best dance-crew performances we’ve seen at this point in the competition. The music was well-chosen, and everything from the movement to the personality completely works. It’s also just nice to see the emotion and how badly they want to be there competing and trying to win.

3. Front Pictures – For an act that wasn’t even in Judge Cuts, this was REALLY cool — and also really creative. It was a complete visual feast to watch and in some ways, it was almost so good that you’d forget you were watching a performance by contestants.

2. Samuel J. Comroe – This was a great performance, and the crummy thing is that it seems like production issues in the background could hurt it. We just think that creatively, it was such a better routine than what we saw from Vicki Barbolak last week — it was unique, different, and had a specific point of view.

1. Duo Transcend – Outstanding, dangerous, and genuinely scary for a different reason than The Sacred Riana. It’s so refreshing that an act like this is actually getting the final spot of the night. Luckily, they were both last and also our top pick.

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