Elementary season 6 episode 17 review: Who stole Sherlock’s identity?

Elementary season 6Tonight, Elementary season 6 episode 17 featured of course a fascinating case about a philandering zoologist and a number of worm species; yet, we think the storyline that matters more in the long-term has to do with Sherlock and his identity.

What was so interesting about watching this one get resolved was mostly that, from start to finish, it was pretty clear what was going to happen — eventually, Sherlock was going to find out that it was Michael, and following that, he would have to prepare himself for another battle. At the end of tonight’s episode, the pieces started to come together that the identity breach was to ensure that Sherlock was physically healthy again, which meant that he could come back and resume his killings. He wanted to fight Holmes at his very best, and it certainly does feel clear now that Sherlock is back to feeling very much like his old self.

This sets the stage for an exciting endgame this season, mostly because we do have a few different interesting balls in the air. Sherlock has to take out one of his deadliest foes, while Watson is going to be still working to see if she can adopt. Meanwhile, Detective Bell has been working to become a US Marshal and we’ll see what happens there.

As for the case of the week, it was certainly interesting from a biological perspective. We’ve seen over the years on this show a wide array of the different reasons why murderers do what they do, and it feels like season 6 overall has been really about the greed, ego, and frustrations that can exist within the scientific community. We do like that there are so many different themes that can be explored here; it makes Elementary smarter and ultimately, a little bit more different than other shows that are out there.

CarterMatt Verdict

Elementary season 6 episode 17 was thought-provoking in that we now know about a hundred things about worms that we did not know beforehand. More than that, though, we now have something that we always want on this show: A significant adversary for Sherlock who is rising from the ashes and ready to do battle.

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